Scoring high grades and securing admission for the desired course in reputed institute is a dream of every student. Today too many resources are available and students know what to study as all examinations are prescribed syllabus.
At Gandhar Edutech Solutions we design study execution plan to achieve desired goal. We analyze the students’ strengths work on their weaknesses, improve their study pattern and help to excel.

Study Management Program Execution Details

Program Duration : One academic year or Till the date of desired examination

Eligibility : Minimum 10th Standard

Steps to follow

  1. Register with us
  2. Once payment is received, we will send  profile form. Parents and students should fill this form carefully, because based on the information given customized program will be designed.
  3. Our experts will analyze the details from Profile form.
  4. Our experts will interact with students and parents to gather more information.
  5. Based on interaction experts designs study pattern.
  6. We will  have continuous interactions and counselling sessions with students for effective execution of program. 
STUDY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FEES : Rs. 8,000 per student per program